Rajamouli initiates new publicity stunt

SS Rajamouli is the care-of address for blockbuster and at the same time, publicity stunts. The director has now come up with a unique publicity stunt where the discussion on the film’s looks started with a conversation between team Baahubali and team RRR. “Hey @RRRMovie, I’m from Mahishmathi. When do we expect #RRR Expansion and #FirstLook of this movie?? Please clarify this, I’m confusing. #RRRMovie #KomaramBheemNTR” read a tweet to Team Baahubali from a fan.

The team handling Baahubali movie account replied the same by tagging team RRR. “Check this out @RRRMovie! Fellow citizens from Mahishmathi are #WaitingForRRRFirstLook! Sorry to say, you guys are teasing fans with those festival wishes and thank you messages! The replies have become a good timepass for our people 🤣 Dear captain @ssrajamouli, update plz! 😉” RRR team on Twitter too replied the same. “ROFL… Look who’s talking!😆 We are following in your footsteps! We haven’t forgotten how @baahubalimovie fans kept waiting for the posters and trailer. We love our fans and they love us 🙂 They know we’ll fulfill their hopes! So, keep #WaitingForRRRFirstLook.coming soon! 😉” they posted.