Exclusive details on Yatra 2

After the success of Yatra, the director Mahi V Raghav is planning to come up with a sequel for his film. Tentatively titled as Yatra 2, the film is going to throw light on the life of YS Jagan. The director Mahi gave clarity on the film’s story.

“YSR’S story is incomplete without Y.S. Raja Reddy & Y.S.Jagan. Yatra 2 will complete their story. The reason why Yatra ended on Y.S. Jagan is we could take it off from where we left. YSR’s Yatra started from his father grave and Jagan’s Yatra from his father’s #yatra2” said the director about the project.

Although there are rumors that Suriya will be seen as YS Jagan in the film, there is no confirmation on the same. There are also details unavailable about when the project will actually hit the floors.