Review: Baahubali2

The time has finally come as India’s biggest motion picture Baahubali 2 is finally here in the open. Released in a huge number of screens read on to see what has Rajamouli in store for us.


As we know Baahubali is announced as the king of Mahishmati and this is not liked by his step brother Bhallaladeva. He makes a meticulous plan and gets Baahubali killed with the help of Katttappa. This happens all because of Devasena and how all this is showcased through a riveting drama is the film all about.Performances:

Prabhas gets a role of a lifetime and man, he looks so macho as all the girls will go weak in their knees. The second part is completely focused on him and he makes things count with a noteworthy performance. His royal looks coupled with some amazing body will leave everyone spellbound.

Anushka gets a meaty role and is superb as Devasena. While she looks pretty as the young princess, she also takes charge when it comes to tense scenes and mature avatar.

Satyaraj is terrific in his supporting role. He is the mainstay of the film and is ably supported by Nasser who brings out the villainous best from himself.

Last but not the least, Rana is a beast who erupts like a volcano during the climax fight and scares us with his body. Ramya Krishna is in her usual best and has some good moments going her way.

Technical overview and Analysis:

The scale of the film is itself so large that never on Indian screen such never have you seen such huge sets, fights and junior artists.

 Keeravani blends his background score in such a way that you get goosebumps at many moments. Ram Rajamouli’s costumes are very good as all the jewelry and war artifacts used are so realistic.

Rajamouli has narrated the film in such a way that the intense drama will make you hook on to the seats wanting for more.

Except for the last luster romance between Rana and Anushka and the forced climax, this film is a true cinematic genius which should only be watched on big screens.
One line Verdict:
Perfect conclusion for a magnum opus